Posted on 25-Sep-2018

Stock Management, Forecasting and Demand Planning:

Demand planning and stock control will help Supply Chain Management (SCM) improve the accuracy of forecasts, ensure enough inventory levels at all times and enhance profitability by optimizing expenses. When demand planning and stock control are properly executed, shortages of what is needed and extra stocks will be a story of the past.
Course Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• State the objectives of stock management and list their impact on cost and customer service
• Prepare proper classification of stock and use best practices for item specification and cataloguing
• Use scientific forecasting techniques to predict demand and better manage lead times
• Differentiate and categorize stock cost elements
• Compute the optimum ordering quantity and determine safety stocks and reorder points
Target Audience
Those involved in inventory (materials) planning and stock control at the operational and supervisory levels. Also, all those working in other functions of materials management (purchasing, stores, and distribution) who need to understand the mechanics of inventory planning and stock control.
5% discount for early registration and 5% discount for two or more participants from the same organization. The cost also covers the course materials, lunch break and certificate
Fee: N 110,000 per participant
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